Timeless Luxury

Our Story

How did Oughton begin? The answer is simple: Oughton began with a unique equestrian problem that led to an inspired solution and a beloved line of luxury leather & waxed canvas goods. The problem: How can one woman easily and independently travel with all of her horse gear—saddle, bridle, boots, grooming tote, tall boots, helmet, and the kitchen sink—to a horse show or clinic? The solution: a rolling bag version of a tack trunk using waxed canvas, leather and halter fittings. The Tack Trunk Bag soon became indispensable and caught the attention of elite equestrians who saw its beauty and purpose.

Several years and a trip around the globe later, our founder was at Lake Placid Horse Show selling them. Immediately, the crossover appeal was apparent, and people loved the idea of customizing them with a halter plate. We sold one to a family for a son going off to college, another few to a group of men going on a hunting trip, even one as a 'touring bag.' Oughton was born.

The aesthetics resonated within the horse world. It is a world steeped in tradition and history. Quality is defined by craftsmanship and performance, by how well something works and how long it lasts. Heirlooms, meticulously cared for through the generations, are a point of pride.

In a consumer-driven world, the idea of provenance has been almost lost, supplanted by flash and trend, things bought for months rather than lifetimes. At Oughton, we see an opportunity to offer classic, timeless pieces that will be heirlooms for the next generation who will wear the patina of their ancestors' travels with pride. Thus evolved the line and its aesthetic: waxed canvas trimmed in leather and an iconography of halter squares and halter plates. It reflects a sense of timelessness over trend, inspired by a passion for horses and the quiet, classic chic of country life. And so, Oughton lives on.