Well-known and favored by the elevated equestrian, Oughton (pronounced “out-in") combines subtle, in-the know equine detailing, patented halter hardware, and luxury materials that only become more beautiful with time.

Our Roots

The brand was imagined by Daphne (Oughton) Markcrow, a busy mother and competitive hunter/jumper who found herself hauling to riding lesson, clinics and horse shows. After countless trips between barn and trailer, she felt there must be a better way to travel efficiently and independently with all her gear.

Her family's equestrian heritage was her muse, and fashion became her outlet. The result was a bespoke rolling bag take on a traditional tack trunk, handcrafted in Argentina and made from waxed canvas, leather, and halter fittings. The one-trip-only bag mirrored the functionality of a roomy trunk—capable of carrying a saddle, bridle, boots, brushes, tall boots, helmet, and the kitchen sink—but was light, stylish, and (upwardly) mobile.

The Tack Trunk Bag soon caught the attention of high-level equestrians who recognized its singular beauty and purpose. Riders and non-riders alike gravitated toward the heirloom-quality craftsmanship and country chic design. Built to shine, show after show, the versatile bag grew more beautiful with every mile.

Better With Age

Over the years, Oughton expanded into a line of luxury leather and waxed canvas goods. Equestrians recognized the same rich textures and deep-rooted values of their passion for horses reflected within every piece. Oughton evokes a sensibility all but absent in a world consumed by flash and trend—that of long-lasting utility and timeless tradition.

Value is defined by how well something works and how long it lasts. Horsemanship is measured in humility and hard work, passion and partnership. True luxury is the quality of your days, and "feel” guides your way.

As history has taught us, carrying an Oughton bag changes how you carry yourself.