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Equestrian Canvas Bags

High quality cotton canvas totes can transform any outfit into a work of art. While many brands cut corners with sub-par canvas equestrian crossbody bags, Oughton takes the same pride in our fabrics as we do in our horses—immeasurable. The discerning equestrian knows quality when they see it, and they treats prized possessions with the respect they deserve. In return, classic canvas equestrian crossbody bags, like our Half Halt Handbag, last for generations—not seasons. Our Derby Work Tote, adorned with Oughton's patented halter hardware and fancy bridle stitching, bears witness to countless memories with timeless grace. Or, reach for our Half Halt Handbag, a canvas handbag featuring a full-grain overgirth accent. For long weekends at the showgrounds, the Paddock Crossbody delivers the utility of a durable canvas crossbody bag with the sophistication of a high-end purse—complete with our signature saddle flap closure.