Usefulness That lives On


Leather goods are at the heart of our collection. By transforming hides into purposeful and lasting goods, we help society consume less, reuse more, and be good stewards of our resources.

Giving Old Hides New Life

Leather is a natural byproduct of farming, and the industry keeps 7+ million tons out of landfills.

Buy Less, Buy Better

Unlike artificial materials, leather improves with age, and it can be repaired and maintained for a lifetime.

Above and Beyond

We are Gold Rated LWG, and only partner with tanneries that have earned their sustainability certifications.

Argentinian Heritage

Majestic mountains, waterfalls, oceans, and infinite skies—this is Argentina. Artistry, creativity, family, and friendship are deeply rooted values, and its people live by the motto: “Excellence is found in simplicity.” Oughton is proud to call this breathtaking place our foundation.