Meet Kelly Wilson, Adult Amateur Hunter & Oughton Brand Champion

Horses have a profound impact on our lives, imparting valuable lessons that extend far beyond the confines of the saddle. Through our interactions with these incredible animals, we learn the importance of hard work, dedication, empathy, and humility, which help us navigate various challenges in life. Regardless of our background, age, or location, we come together as a community to share our love for horses, forging strong bonds with fellow riders along the way. We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Oughton Brand Champion Family, Kelly Wilson, and look forward to welcoming her into our vibrant community.

About Kelly

Kelly has been riding since she can remember. Her mother always wanted a horse of her own growing up and was finally able to get one as an adult. Kelly and her mom were able to share their passion for horses and bond over the sport. Kelly first broke her collar bone when she fell off her mom’s QH gelding at 3 years old. She blames her sister because they were riding double bareback and she fell on top of her! Although this happened, it didn't stop Kelly from wanting to pursue riding growing up.

Currently, Kelly is bringing along her 6-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding in the 2’6 hunter ring. While she's hesitant to set goals with horses because "you just never know," she'd love to make it to the AO ring together someday. Their biggest challenge so far is that sometimes Hugo is too quiet, while Kelly actually prefers a hotter ride. She's had to kick her cardio training up a notch so they can perform at their best. 

  Outside of horses, Kelly loves to travel. Her favorite places that she's visited include Marrakech, Budapest, and Dubrovnik. By day, Kelly works in medical imaging and while she does get a little jealous of those with remote jobs that have more time to ride, she absolutely loves what she does. 



I have been extremely fortunate to always have horses in my life. The longest I have ever gone without being in the saddle was 10 weeks, when I broke my foot (by getting stepped on by my horse!) My highest highs and lowest lows have nearly all had to do with horses in some capacity, and I truly do not know who I would be without them. I credit horses for always keeping me grounded and for never losing sight of the big things in life.s to your store.


My everyday style gravitates towards a classic, timeless look. Monochrome ensembles in fabrics that will age well. When it comes to equestrian wear, I enjoy playing with a fun print, but I lean heavily towards timeless styles for anything that is more of an investment. I consider handbags long-term pieces and gravitate towards quality items that still show a hint of my equestrian passion. In this way, I feel that Oughton is the perfect brand for me. You can tell they will last for many, many years, and I have zero fear that they will go out of style.

Horses have the power to transform our lives, teaching us valuable lessons that stay with us forever. They bring together people from all walks of life, creating a sense of community and shared purpose that is truly special.

You can follow along with Jaqueline at @witequestrian. As we continue on our own journeys with horses, let us remember the lessons they have taught us and the joy they bring to our lives. 



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