Meet Jacqueline Graham: Amateur Jumper Rider and Oughton's Newest Brand Champion

Horses have a profound impact on our lives, imparting valuable lessons that extend far beyond the confines of the saddle. Through our interactions with these incredible animals, we learn the importance of hard work, dedication, empathy, and humility, which help us navigate various challenges in life. Regardless of our background, age, or location, we come together as a community to share our love for horses, forging strong bonds with fellow riders along the way. We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Oughton Brand Champion Family, Jacqueline Graham, and look forward to welcoming her into our vibrant community.

About Jacqueline Graham

Jacqueline is also known in the equestrian space as @witequestrian, where she shares lighthearted equestrian videos and a glimpse into her riding journey. Jacqueline and her horses Bo Des Gars AKA Waffles compete in the Amateur Jumpers out of California. When Jacqueline isn’t working her corporate job as a software sales rep, she loves spending time at the barn, enjoying time with friends, and traveling all over. 

We Asked Jacqueline


"Horses have impacted my life in so many ways, but they've been most impactful in my adult life. As a child, I grew up with rescue horses in my yard and did a couple little 4-H shows here and there, but nothing serious. I just knew I loved horses and I aspired to do bigger competitions one day. Those dreams came to a quick halt because my parents essentially forced me to stop riding to focus on high school sports.  Later on, I came home from school and my horses were gone. My parents re-homed them without me knowing, and it was pretty traumatic. From that day forward, I promised myself that I would do "whatever it takes" to have horses in my life again-hence the name WIT Equestrian. So, every single day, I made decisions for myself through college, and through early adulthood to work hard and get a horse. By the time I was 25, I was able to put some money on my first horse and I got back into riding and even did a couple B shows. Now, I am doing A shows with my horse Waffles, and still tend to make a lot of my personal decisions around making sure I'm always doing whatever it takes to have the privilege of giving him the best life and home. Horses made me dream, taught me to have an intense work ethic, and they've taught me passion and love."


"Oughton reflects my values and equestrian lifestyle because the brand represents humility, hard work, and passion. I believe that the only way I manifested horses back into my life was through those 3 pillars. I worked really hard to get back into this lifestyle, had to stay humble as a direct complement to hard work, and the passion for horses and the sport really fueled both of those ideals. I am so excited to represent a brand that has a passion for pure horsemanship, and whose product is both luxurious and timeless."

Horses have the power to transform our lives, teaching us valuable lessons that stay with us forever. They bring together people from all walks of life, creating a sense of community and shared purpose that is truly special.

You can follow along with Jaqueline at @witequestrian. As we continue on our own journeys with horses, let us remember the lessons they have taught us and the joy they bring to our lives.

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